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    Was driving down Sh 71 and was about 5 miles off of I10. I was going pretty fast because well on I10 i get alerts miles away with my cb. Anyways as im drving down 71 at about 15 over PSL im coming up on a outward tree line. About 40 meters from the end of the tree line i get a strong burst of Ka 35.5 i think? Soon as i hear it i slam on my breaks and low and beholdd there he is hiding behind the tree line. I was in the right hand lane with a car going slower in the left hand lane.

    Now im curious if he get a reading off or not. The x50 went off before I had a visual. So would that indicate no reading? Or he couldnt persue either of us due to the fact that he to did not have a visual?

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    haha if u didnt get pulled over, he didnt get a reading. 15 over the PSL is def a ticket

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    It could have also been forward facing Ka 35.5 - judging by what you described it was either I\O or it was 35.5.

    But like was stated above - unless he was looking for a big fish that day you would have been stopped if he got your speed.



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