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Thread: Power surge?

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    Default Power surge?

    I accidently left my X50 plugged in and started my car. It came up with LOW VOLTAGE for a second and then just went back to acting normal. You guys don't think I damaged anything do yall?

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    Default Re: Power surge?

    i dont think you have to worry about it. maybe if you had high voltage then yes. but not low. some one correct me if im wrong please.

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    I don't run in voltage mode much, but this is a normal reaction for the X50. Just showing a slight volatage drop when the starter puts some draw on the system. I guess it is in fact telling you it is working fine since it just did its voltage reading properly.

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    Normal, if you were to put a volt meter into the system amd watch it when you start the car there will be a significant instantaeous voltage drop. Your detector was just reading this normal voltage drop.

    My LI's give me a warning about poor connections everytime I start the Vette with the LI powered up. Just reading the voltage drop and giving an error message.

    Low voltage for a significant amount of time can be as bad for electronics as high voltage. When the voltage goes down the current draw goes up, assuming the device continues to use the same amount of power.
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    is there an inline fuse in the cord?

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    Default Re: Power surge?

    All of my rds do that when I start the car with the unit powered up. Its just reading the voltage drop when you start the car. Not a problem.

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    The only thing a sudden voltage drop can do is possibly corrupt the user settings. This is easily fixed by doing a firmware reset. Its voltage spikes which can be a problem since voltage spikes can damage internals inside the radar detector.

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    Your detector will be fine. The voltage drops after starting until the alternator kicks in and starts charging once the car is started. Are you hardwired or using the cig adaptor?



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