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    Default KU Band alert in TX

    I turned on my KU band on my 9500ix when I got it. This morning I got a strong KU band alert in Southern Harris County near Pearland Pkwy. The leo was on the other side of an over pass I was getting ready to go under to get on the beltway 8. I thought KU was only used in Europe. Before this I was only getting K and KA in Houston. POP saved me the other day with an leo using POP with KA instant on.

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    Default Re: KU Band alert in TX

    I think this is just coincidental. Ku hasn't been approved for use by the IACP. It was probably just a false accompanied by the coincidental presence of a LEO.

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    Default Re: KU Band alert in TX

    Ku band is used in Satellite communications, you probably got a false reading off of one and the LEO was coincidental.

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    Default Re: KU Band alert in TX

    Most likely KU band is a false.

    However, there's some speculation that Spectre's LO is right on the edge of KU band, some KU band falses might correspond to Spectre's presence, much like a 33.7GHz Ka false could be indicative of a nearby Cobra.



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