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Thread: 9500ci vs Sti-r

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    Besides the GPS and laser shifters...Can anyone compare the performance and features of the Escort vs Bel on radar detection. I think several folks have tested or even own both. I assumimg radar detection is identical (correct me if this is not true). Which one is easier to interpret the threat and react accordingly? I used to own a older Bel and the alerts were quite different than my present 8500x50.

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    Both have virtually identical radar sensitivity, but the STi-R's sensitivity can be tweaked a bit by turning off individual Ka band segments. Personally, I'm not too keen on doing this though since this feature mainly is for European drivers.

    As you know, Bel products have a distinct set of alert tones for X, K and Ka band. I prefer Bel's alert tones since they are less annoying, but again this is just my personal preference. The final major difference is that the Bel product line (including the STi-R) have much more linear visual ramp-up profiles versus the Escort products. Escort boosts their ramp-up profile in the weak to moderate signal strength range. This feature serves to get the driver's attention sooner, and this definitely can save you from a ticket in over-the-hill and around-the-curve encounters. I personally prefer a more linear ramp-up even though the boosted ramp-up on the 9500i which I used to have saved me from tickets twice -- both times being around-the-curve encounters as I recall.

    So, pick whichever unit has the features which float your boat the most.



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