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    Default One X50 falses on laser...the other doesn't

    I remember reading back on how the X50 would false on laser and it could be solved with a ferrite (spelling?).

    I have two X50's that I have started to run (not at the same time of course) since my V1 has fallen out of tune. I use the same thing to power X50 as I did the V1 which is the V1 adapter and cord it came with.

    I have one blue Rev5 X50 which was manufactured 39th week of 2004. This one gives me laser falses, most noticeably when accelerating.

    I have one red Rev 5 X50 which was manufactured on the 49th week of 2005. This one gives me no laser falses.

    What would be the reasoning behind one giving me laser falses and the other one not?

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    Default Re: One X50 falses on laser...the other doesn't

    I've compared two X50s with the same firmware and of similar vintage, yet only one falses. First try a ferrite choke core from radio shack, loop the power wire through it once and see if the problem persists. One may have to be sent in for repair.

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    Default Re: One X50 falses on laser...the other doesn't

    Well, it's most likely not an electrical issue since you powered both X50s using the same cord and only one gives you falses. Sounds like it was left baking in the sun. You'll have to send it in to get repaired (around $69. It's not as pricey as it sounds since they give you another smart cord, mount, and 4 suction cups.

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    Default Re: One X50 falses on laser...the other doesn't

    Some 8500s and X50s are more prone to laser falses due to electrical noise than others. I think there is a failure prone part in the power filtering circuits. When that part fails, you get laser falses on acceleration, honking the horn, and other various electrical activity in your car.

    Escort will fix it for probably around $70 if it's not under warranty.
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