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    Default x50 update or service?

    hello i am new to the forum and don't know hardly anything of radar detectors. I have an x50 which just from reading around here already, was a good choice. It was manufactured in 2006. Rev.5 It seems to have, over the years, gotten much more sensitive and is false alerting much more frequently. Despite putting it on auto, and city, it still is quite sensitive. I was wondering if it may require some sort or update or service? It is most definitely out of warranty and has worked phenomenal up until the past few months. And if it does need some sort or servicing, any idea how long escort takes and how much they charge? I'd be more than happy to get it serviced if necessary because it has been well worth the investment and has saved me a lot of money! Thanks a lot

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    What kind of falses? Radar or laser? Many times falsing is a by-product of AC interference from other equipment in your car. Try snapping an RF choke from radio shack onto the power cord as close to the detector as possible. Cost you $3 vs $80+ for a service trip.

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    It sounds to me like something is interfering with it other then just the fact that there could be more sources that the x50 is alerting to. I think we are going to need more information in order to really aid with this issue.

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    it falses on x (which its done all the way along) and now a lot on K. It's an 06 model so maybe it's time for some sort of servicing?? I keep my scanner going a lot and that's above the detector and also my cell phone. But other than that, that's about the only things getting any sort of signal near the detector. Hope this helps. Thanks



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