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    Just got for the first time a mailer from Escort showing there main products. 9500ix, 8500x50, SOLO S2, 9500ci and the new SmartMirror.

    They are playing up this DS (smart driver AD).

    Anyone else get one?

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    Default Re: Escort DS

    I got one in the mail a few days ago. Figured I was on some list since I sent in my X50 last year.

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    I got the mailer too and went to the Escort Forum and looked up what the new defender database actually (I assume its part of the new DS marketing campaign) is I copied this response from their site.

    Everyone – here is some info on the new Defender Database from ESCORT.

    Like all of their products, the overarching intent is to provide the most comprehensive and the most accurate driving threat data available anywhere, period. With the proliferation of sites, companies and fly-by-wire services all aiming to provide data (and unlikely driven by profit first and not problem solving or results), combined with the fastest growing new threats drivers face today in the form of safety/speed/red light camera ambushes and speed traps, ESCORT made the decision to apply our engineering and analytical talent to creating the best solution possible for a total driving defense, especially today including a reliable and trustworthy response to new trap threats.

    Wow – that’s a lot so let me put it in a ‘bottom line’ syntax: ESCORT has created the most reliable and complete driving trap database available. The database, being completely comprehensive, includes all trap threats; safety cameras, speed cameras, red light cameras and fixed position, common/consistent site speed traps.

    Here is why – no other driving database contains trap data that has been researched, analyzed and verified like ESCORT Defender. Behind the ESCORT Defender data are a whole host of proven service providers (including Trinity to name one), independent third party contractors (who specialize in driving data only) and sources that we, as a going concern, simply cannot name (but that you can be assured are working entirely in your favor and to the high standards that we at ESCORT require at all times).

    So in anticipation of your very insightful questions: 1) Did we change data providers, lose Trinity, etc.? No – we still work w/ Trinity but we also expanded our resource pool. 2) How are speed trap data points verified? By multiple methods including named researchers and independent 3rd party sources - the data points are continually being reviewed. 3) If I want the camera updates but not the speed traps since I have my own speedtraps, what should I do? As the database is one, you would have to update the entire database but recall that you never lose your personal data (including trap data) because we merge your data with the new data during the update – and recognize that the vast majority of new trap data points will most likely not be new to you or your driving area so in nearly all cases you should experience no new traps! In the event that you have a trap marked that you do not want, simply unlock that location – most ESCORT users are smart beyond the average driver and for them this is a piece of cake.

    Finally, 4) is this an improvement over the previous database? Again, at ESCORT we are continually striving to offer you the best driving protection possible and that includes a complete and reliable defense against speedtraps and safety (speed and red light) cameras. With Defender, we are utilizing multiple resources in layered analysis with the result being the best data you can use in all driving environments. With ESCORT behind the Defender name, you know that you are driving with the best.

    As always, if you have any other questions, just ask - or, give ESCORT a call - 1.800.433.3487.

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