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    Default 9500ix: 2.8 miles C/O K detection

    Don't have video for this one because I wasn't in my car and was with family but it is even more apparent to me how much of a role terrain and road straightness plays a role in detection. I'm on a flat straight highway in Middle-of-nowhere, Arkansas cruising at about 70 in a 55 and a get a weak K alert at 24.132 GHz. I immediately knew it was a legit pick up. Well a couple miles up the road I pass and unmarked blacked out '00- '05 Impala which I assume was the source. The ix ramped up perfectly and dropped off right after I passed the source making it easy to identify the car. This is my longest pick up so far. The only factor that shortened detection was the humidity. Dew points were in the mid 70s which is almost tropical air and temperature were in the mid 90s.

    Here is the stretch that I picked him up at.,0.154495&z=13
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    Default Re: 9500ix: 2.8 miles C/O K detection

    Nice! I'm in a pretty rural area (CT) and drive allot of back roads, so with the 50K miles in total on my 9500's i have only had one 3mi encounter, and about three 2+ encounters.

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    Default Re: 9500ix: 2.8 miles C/O K detection

    Nice. I get a lot of long range Ka 34.7's and K alerts on my 9500ix.

    I had a good K save last weekend in NorCal ... K speed sign alerted well out of my view, I slowed down, then there was a CHP shooting instant on Ka around the curve about 1/4 mile from the speed sign. I only got Ka from him as I went by. I'd have been toast without that long range K alert.



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