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    Default Quality degrading over time?

    I have had two 8500 X50's and have noticed a rather scary thing. Over time, the detection of radar is cut drastically.

    The places I false normally, are slowly but surely being detected later and later.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Also, has anyone done an SML type of report comparing a brand new RD versus a year old RD?

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    There's a fairly simple explanation for this. The local oscillator needs to be kept at a very specific frequency in order for the detector to work optimally (or at all, really). Unfortunately they aren't perfect, and do tend to drift from where they are supposed to be. Dramatic changes can cause the "self-cal" messages, and eventually lead to the necessity of service. It's not a big stretch of the imagination to think that a very small shift would cause slightly decreased range.

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    I used to get at least a 30 second warning on K band encounters, but now I am lucky if I get any.

    I am not sure if my city now uses instant on, or if my detector is cutting in and out and sweeping the freqeuncies its supposed to. Se my problem here...

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    This seems quite the problem, if it is as bad as Sethy describes!

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    can anyone be supprised by this, mostly everything is heading this way.

    mainly electronic goods and cars, nasty cheap plastics and substandard electronics.

    take hifi's i know you wont get sound from an all in one system compared to seperates but they have degraded drasticly over the last 15 years.

    Even now i would struggle to get hold of individual seperates, i use to buy hifi magazines which use to list the most expensive set ups with the most amasing subwoofers.

    Its rather pathetic when a few speakers inside my car can outdo any hifi.

    you just cant get speakers with 15inch woofers, they just dont make them.
    Or they do but they are hard to get hold of.

    But even the hifis are expensive and have tiny tinny speakers!

    they are far from the loud bass bangers from the 80's!

    i remeber when the spectrum analyzer ment something now its just their to make it look good rather than a sound tool! used to adjust the frequency levels.

    they should be making detectors which detect rather than making they look nice! what do you buy one for an orniment or to avoid getting a ticket!



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