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Thread: 8500 vs. X50

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    Default 8500 vs. X50

    Members who have owned or have experience with both 8500 and X50

    which is better in Ka, let us know how you came to this conclusion

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    Escort 8500. After comparing the 2 detectors for months, the orignal 8500 gave more warning to the Virginia state police running Ka hiding in trees, in ditches, over hills, and around curves.

    The original 8500 also gives me more warning on Ka when the VSP is up ahead on the other side of a cement wall with the cruiser facing the same direction you are travelling shooting radar at the rear of cars. VSP will clock you just as you pass and you can't visually see them in your rear view mirror until it's too late. The radar is facing forward(the same direction you are traveling) not towards you.

    On a standard straight road both detectors seem to give about the same warning. Maybe somebody can go out to the salt flats in Utah and see which detector picks up first when the Ka radar is pointed straight at you.

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    Default Re: 8500 vs. X50

    Quote Originally Posted by f_399
    Members who have owned or have experience with both 8500 and X50

    which is better in Ka, let us know how you came to this conclusion
    I have owned both the 8500 and the X50. I think the older 8500 had better Ka sensitivity. I say this because of experiences in several instant on situations. During a trip through Missouri I had VERY late warning to Ka instant on with the X50. This was on I-35 with heavy traffic. I had 5 or 6 full Ka alerts and was able to see the LEO within a second or two. Now either they were being very selective with their targets or I didn't get any alerts prior to being within 1/4 mile of the cop. That kind of bothered me.

    I admit this is purely subjective because I haven't done any scientific testing, but I had more confidence in the original 8500. Granted, this can obviously be affected by many variables including the LEO's transmitting patterns, terain, etc. However, I generally felt more confident with my original 8500 (which was stolen, unfortunately).

    The Guys of LIDAR also showed a significant difference between the two models in their testing of Ka.

    BTW, I now use a V1 as my main RD and I'm very happy with it!

    Drive safe!



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