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    Well....i took a road trip a couple weeks ago, and on my way through waco, i noticed my Whistler wasnt making any sounds. So i turned it off, and back on, to see if i could get any sound from the speaker during its startup routine. not a peep from the speaker.

    So, as im driving through Waco, i notice a huge pawn shop on the side of the road. For the fun of it, i stop in. I was looking around, and i saw that they had some escorts. They had an Escort Passport 8500 for $90. Needless to say, i snatched it up. Now, it isnt in the greatest shape cosmetically, it it works DAMN GOOD.

    When i got to my mothers house, i asked my stepfather if he had any extra phone wire. I ended up cutting the wire from the cig lighter wire, and splicing into it this longer phone wire. i was able to place it above my RVM , and hide all the wires, and even keep the mute button on the cig lighter adapter working

    Just cruising around in that area (North east texas), i was getting anywhere from 1 mile, to almost 2 miles alert, and that is with hills in the way. (All KA band).

    I am very happy with this detector.


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    congrats. nice to see these neat stories. always makes you think.... what if

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    The 8500 will work great for you. Good decision to buy one

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    That was a good price. I just received a 9500i today so I listed my 8500 for $160 and it went in less than 45 minutes.

    They are great detectors. In fact now that I have this 9500 I will miss the angled face.

    Enjoy it.

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    Take a look at the bottom and see if you have the S7 horn or the M4....just curious.



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