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    Default Made the leap, new 9500ix on the way!

    Alright, so I was already looking for a valid excuse so when my x50 went TU I had to do it. Am sending x50 in for repair to live in Wife car (just for when I drive it.

    I considered the V1, but don't think I could live with all those falses w/o spec display!

    Much thanks for all the info gleamed from everyone on the RDnet!!

    Can't wait for it to arrive, will update with impressions and comparisons to my x50.

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    Default Re: Made the leap, new 9500ix on the way!

    You should notice a little difference in detection but the difference won't be night and day. GPS related features are where the extra $200 comes into play between the X50 and the 9500ix.



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