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    Default How many lockout falses like this?

    I have often thought about this, so I just recentlyy started locking out signals like this.

    How many of you actually drive up to the falsing source to lock it out? It makes sense that by doing this you would have a less chance of locking out a real alert.

    Example the grocery is emitting a wave that barely reaches the road (green circle), but if you block that signal right then and there, then you lock out a quarter mile ahead and to the rear of you. (the red circle) If you drive up to the false, locked it out- you would be saving a load of detection distance.

    I guess I have been looking at possibly the IX for the speedcam database. But can you turn off the autolearn so you could accomplish the above?

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    Default Re: How many lockout falses like this?

    all logic is yes this will work. However signal strength can cause a larger lock out area.
    So for example your Red lock out radius may be 2/10mi because the signal is weak, but if you drove up to the false it would be a 1/2mi lock out radius because of its strength.

    its all in the 9500i TrueLock sticky.

    and yes you can turn off AutoLearn.
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