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    Default 8500x50 bounces between auto/hwy/city..why?

    just got a used 8500x50. i set to auto and head down the road. it keeps jumping between without me touching. beeps each time when it does. very annoying and i am not so sure the unit is working. what is this?

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    Default Re: 8500x50 bounces between auto/hwy/city..why?

    Sounds like the button is stuck. The detector may of been dropped by the previous owner.

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    Default Re: 8500x50 bounces between auto/hwy/city..why?

    Does the city button "click" when you press it? Compare its action to the bright/dim button, they should "feel" the same when pressed.

    The button could be stuck or broken. Assuming it's out of warranty (since you said you got it used) you could try opening it up and fixing it (it's a tactile switch), or call Escort and send it in, they'll fix it up for $65 or so.
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    Default Re: 8500x50 bounces between auto/hwy/city..why?

    just checked. the button has a good tactile click just like the other one.

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    Default Re: 8500x50 bounces between auto/hwy/city..why?

    It's busted. That setting is not supposed to change unless you manually change it. If you can't send it back, you're gonna have to send it in to Escort.

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    Default Re: 8500x50 bounces between auto/hwy/city..why?

    Quote Originally Posted by c6togo View Post
    just got a used 8500x50.
    Bummer, hope you got a good deal. Any chance of returning it? If not as kpatz said you should be able to get Escort to repair it for ~$60.



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