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    Default Power-on sequence / calibration

    Does the RX65 do it's auto-calibration in the Power-on Sequence?

    Does it need to be in the Standard Power-on Sequence mode for it to auto-calibrate?

    If you put it in Fast Power-on mode, will it not self calibrate?

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    That's a good question, i've wondered that myself. I'm pretty sure that it still calibrates even on the short power-on because there is a period of 5-10 seconds from power on in which the detector will not pick anything up regardless of startup mode, but if anyone knows otherwise, i'd sure like to know.

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    The present invention provides an improved mixer optimization method which can be applied not only in the manufacturing process but is self-calibrating such that it can be employed in RF receivers, and especially radar warning receivers, which are in active use in the field.

    The local oscillator power setting for each band may thus be easily adjusted during the manufacturing process and/or while the unit is in use to maintain maximum mixer optimization. Advantageously, the optimization method is automatically undertaken during power-up of the receiver. In that case, the settings are determined anew every time the unit is powered up so that the settings need not be retained after the unit is turned off. Hence, the LO power settings may be stored in lower cost volatile memory. Also, there is no need for the expensive and time consuming test set ups otherwise used for optimizing the mixer. Thus, costs are reduced in the manufacturing process and operation of the receiver is maintained in an optimal state while in the field.
    Taken from Beltronics Patent #6,693,578



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