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    Default 8500 x50 going for service. Broken thumb wheel volume switch

    Yep. I thought I asked this before, and sure enough, the thumbwheel broke on the x50. Never liked a mechanical device on the RD's that you know will fail. Thank god for the 3 year service plan!

    Ill be breaking out the Whistler 1190SW as the backup unit!!!

    Think it will detect any modern Ka with decent range? It is superwide, but think it came out in 1993.

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    Default Re: 8500 x50 going for service. Broken thumb wheel volume switch

    I'm not sure that a 1993 Whistler is going to have stellar Ka detection, but it's better than nothing while your X50 goes to the RD hospital.

    I'm not super crazy about thumbwheel volume controls either. I've never had one break, but they always get bumped, say when putting the RD up/taking it down, and then I have to constantly readjust it. I like the Beltronics pushbutton volume control for that reason. The new Escort Redline has this too.
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