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    Default Any comments by RadarRoy or VeilGuy on Redline in City Falsing

    I apologize if this is covered in one of the other redline threads.

    I have looked through them but not every post. So much noise to sift through.

    Anyway I'm curious how Redline behaves (how quiet or chatty) in:

    City and Suburbs


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    Default Re: Any comments by RadarRoy or VeilGuy on Redline in City Falsing

    That would depend on what you qualify as a "false."

    From my driver's seat, I do not consider bonafide constant-on X and K-band radar emissions from door openers (and repeaters) as falses. They are legitimate sources of radar centered at 10.5Ghz (X) and 24.1Ghz (K).

    Falses, that I consider falses are those perhaps that come from other radar detectors (primarily of the superwide Ka variety).

    Any sensitive detector will tend to alert to sources of X and K pretty similarly. The more sensitive the detector, the greater likelihood of detection and alerting to an even greater number of these X and K sources at any given location around town.

    The fact that they are not from police radar doesn't make them falses, in my book.

    Since the Redline, I believe, is being marketed as being "V1-like" in its behavior both, I believe, will potentially behave similarly around town. The V1, of course, still has the bogey counter and can actually count the number of these sources, but otherwise, don't be surprised if they behave similarly.

    Remember the V1 (former Beltronics STi-R and the late-model high-end Whistlers I have experienced) have been or are, IMO, the driver's detectors particularly suited to highway use.

    The Redline clearly has the potential to behave similarly when the production version of the Redline actually ships.

    If your primary concern is behavior around town, my suggestion would be to follow Escort's own advice and look elsewhere. The Passport 9500ci, Beltronics GX-65, and Escort Passport 9500ix are much better suited to driving around town because these models have been specifically designed to use GPS technology to mark (and mute-out) these stationery sources.

    In my opinion, these detectors from those organizations provide ultra-high levels performance on the highway coupled with relative quietness around town. Think of them as the swiss-army knife of radar detectors.

    For me that's why I own more than one detector. Some are better suited to one task over another.

    As I stated to Sethy a little while ago, don't expect a dedicated surgical blade to do the [same] work as a butter-knife.

    I hope this sufficiently answered your query.

    Veil Guy
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    Default Re: Any comments by RadarRoy or VeilGuy on Redline in City Falsing

    Excellent Post!



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