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    Default Escort 8500x50 Ka Band

    Man, this detector rocks on Ka band! Today, while I was driving to school (college), I was getting off of I-25 and was on the off ramp turning right when my new (only a couple of months old) X50 started chirping to alert to Ka-Band. I proceeded to look around and didn't see any law enforcement officers around so I was thinking to myself "where in the **** is this guy at?" Well, turns out that the Colorado State trooper was indeed over the hill running instant on due to the fact that it was a posted 35 MPH construction zone (unbeknownst to me of course). I was extremely impressed with this detector's ability to sniff out Ka-band especially when compared to my ancient Escort 4600. Again, I'll have to say that this thing kicks a**! If the Redline is indeed any better than the X50 then Escort will truly have a winner!

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    Would have to agree, hopefully the redline ROCKS!! Will have to wait on some testing from GOL before I make my purchase though.

    I see by your username you are former US Marine (forgive if I misinterpreted) Thanks for your service to our nation.

    Good on ya.
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