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    Default escort x50 rear detection question

    hey guys, i was just wondering how good the x50 does on rear detection. Thanks

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    Default rear detection

    Well, it works really well for me. I was driving along one day and the X50 picks up a faint signal of a cop. The signal keeps building, and I had at least like 7-8 seconds of notice before I saw a cop in my rearview. This all happened after I turned onto another street. So it picked up the cop a good distance away, gave me time to slow down, and I could see the officer pissed off through my rearview. It was a good laugh, but it proved how good the X50 really is.

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    Your not going to be caught off-guard from a LEO broadcasting radar from a distance behind you with the X50.

    The radar signals will bounce off dozens of metallic objects in front of you at the speed of light and be detected by the X50 instantly.

    The alert may not be as strong compared to the LEO driving right at you with radar broadcasting, but you should slow down anytime you get a unidentified radar threat anyhow, otherwise your asking for trouble.

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    The x50 is great. One thing I would do though is see if there are any X band signals still in use around you. No cops use the X band where I lived so I turned it off and have reduced the excess alerts. Make sure that no X bands are used b4 doing this though.

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    it does work well......... i drove past a mobile radar and it still picked it up very well.


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    You should check out my video of the X50 vs the X band. It was quite good!!
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    Even when the popo's are running instant on the detection from the rear is still quite good! 8)



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