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    Default Redline S/N & Date Code Database

    I would like to gather some information on forum member's Redlines.

    When Escort announced that shipping would be delayed from mid-August to mid-September, and removed the owner's manual from their web site, quite a bit of suspicion (to put it bluntly) was generated.

    1. Date Received: Sept 24, 2009

    2. Serial Number: 23000224

    3. Date Code: 3809 (Week 38 in year '09)

    4. FCC ID: QKLEM3 (Would a change in the ID indicate a major change internally?)

    Owners Manual: Contains an insert for corrections to the page inside the front cover. The manual says "New Programmable Bands (on/off) including Ku-band for European travel."

    The insert does not have "including Ku-band for European travel."

    There is an additional insert noting the addition of TSR (Traffic Signal Rejection) filtering software.

    My build date indicates that this unit was made after the shipping delay was announced.

    Please post your S/N's and build dates, and any other info that might be relevant.

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    Default Re: Redline S/N & Date Code Database

    Nothing wrong WEEK 38 is between sept 19 to sept 26 2009 so your detector is build before september 24 2009



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