View Poll Results: Which detector is alerting first, for INSTANT ON?

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  • Redline alerts first, K band

    0 0%
  • V1 alerts first, K band

    8 100.00%
  • Redline alerts first, Ka 33.8

    0 0%
  • V1 alerts first, Ka 33.8

    8 100.00%
  • Redline alerts first, Ka 34.7

    0 0%
  • V1 alerts first, Ka 34.7

    8 100.00%
  • Redline alerts first, Ka 35.5

    1 12.50%
  • V1 alerts first, Ka 35.5

    7 87.50%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Default I/O Sensitivity Poll - V1 vs Redline

    Ok, between the hype and the bashing, I keep hearing "Redline beats V1" "V1 is still king" "Redline sucks w/IO" yadda yadda...

    So for those who have a V1 *and* a Redline, and have been running them together(*), please participate in this poll and indicate which detector most consistently alerts FIRST for YOU. This is a multiple choice poll so check off ALL boxes that apply. I made choices for K band plus the 3 major Ka frequences.

    This is for INSTANT ON alerts only. I'll post another poll for constant-on alerts.

    Also, post in this thread any comments, and what version V1 you have.

    My V1 is a 3.858. So far I haven't encountered any I/O with my Redline, therefore I haven't voted in this poll yet.

    (*) I haven't noticed any evidence of interference between my V1 and Redline.
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    Default Re: I/O Sensitivity Poll - V1 vs Redline

    Excellant thread!



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