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    Default 8500 X50 rattles against windshield

    Regardless of how high up the glass I put it and how many clicks in on the mount I have it, the thing rattles like crazy in my stock 2005 WRX on New England Roads, even when new. Anyone have any ideas? The loose fit between the detector and the mount seems to invite problems like this.

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    Default Rattle

    rattles like crazy in my stock 2005 WRX
    Stop driving on bumpy roads...

    Just kidding, is it the mount going into the detector that is causing the problem, or is the detector too close to the windshield?

    Have you tried bending the mount??

    We could alway try a visor mount..
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    The sound I hear is the top of the detector hitting the windshield. From what Escort says, it is supposed to, otherwise, it won't be level. They say that bending the bracket should only be done to make it level. I put some padding on top of the detector and the sounds was gone, but it won't stay on those little bumps that are the high point of the top of the detector. I hesitate to mount as high as the visor (and damage and disable the use of that visor) and a rear mirror mount might pull the mirror off the window.

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    Have you tried getting some small stickers with a kind of carpet on the top? You'd use them on say drawers on expensive wooden furniture so nothing scratches. Maybe a diameter of 3-4mm.

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    I tried both rubber and heavy duty felt drawer bumpers but neither would stay on. The felt ones came close to working, but slid towards the front of the detector.

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    My detector used to do this from time to time, and I discovered it was because I didn't have it all the way forward on the mount. Unclip it, take it off, then slide it as far on as you can push it. Let go of the button and pull it back until it clicks into place. If it still happens then, I'd stick something to your windshield to keep it from bouncing around.

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    Wow you must have some rough roads there!! You ever consider doing a velcro mount on top of your rear view?

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    What i did on mine was use those round black velcro stickers - smallest size cutting it into half with the straight line facing down using the smooth surface and stick it on the windshield where i always mount my RD. I make sure that the stickers are aligned to the 2 little bumps you see on the top front end - this is the one that gets in contact with the windshield. Mount your RD by making sure the front lens is not covered by the velcro. This way the stickers don't move around. I wished the blescort radars will use what V1 did by putting a rubber dumper in front of the casing that contacts the windshield thereby making it silent even in rough roads. One reason that you hear the vibrating sound is because, it is the heaviest of the top 3 RD's and and is also the longest among the top 3 RD's. I hope that helps.

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    I find that some mounts can be the cause of the bounceing and ratteling like carzy try different mounts and see what happens?

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    I had this problem with my X50 and used some self-stick foam padding for a while but it didn't stick very well to the ridges on the top of the unit. Recently I have found something that works for me: Bend the mount down about 20 degrees and then use the closest slot to the windshield. This seems to hold it solid without vibrations or rattling.

    How hard would it be for Belscort to put rubber mounts on the units like Valentine does? This is pretty lame for a $300 product.



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