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    Default Another Solo S2 Question


    Is the Solo S2 VG2 proof out of the box with the factory setting?


    Is it VG2 proof only after you have turned it"on"?

    I've asked this question of Escort several times and never get a straight answer. One said "you have to turn it on and after it detects VG2 it will shut the oscillator off until the threat goes away"

    Someone else said that it is VG2 immune and you only need to turn VG2 "on" if you want to know that VG2 is being used but it also may give you more falses in that mode.

    I live in VA and want the have it on the stealthiest setting.


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    Factory setting (default): VG2 OFF... the manual clearly shows that on page 19 or any time you turn it on it will show you all its current settings, mine shows X off, K and Ka On, SWS off, VG2 on followed by the battery meter... so you gotta turn the VG2 feature ON and keep it ON as long as you need it... in the manual you can see how easy is to turn the VG2 feature ON
    Best of Luck :wink:



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