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    Default Need 9500ci Euro Advice

    I have sold my BMW X6 50i that I used an Escort 9500i for radar and a quad LI for laser. I have been very pleased with the set-up. I will be replacing it with a Porsche Panamera Turbo in about 3 weeks. It will be equipped with thermally insulated glass that contains metallic so I will need to go to a remote laser set-up. I would like to go with a 9500ci for radar and continue with my LI for laser. The 9500ci will not work unless the laser shifters are plugged in so even if I am willing to pay for something I will not use, there is an issue. My questions are as follows:

    When will the Euro version be available and will it be sold in the US?

    Will there be any disadvantages to using the Euro version in the US?

    What is narrow band Ka?

    Should I just live with the ZR4 for convience and integration sake? The Panamera will be black with LED daytime running lights. I am not willing to have more than 2 heads on the front on my car and will not be using veil and will not have a front license plate. Cost is not a factor in my desision.

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    Default Re: Need 9500ci Euro Advice

    1) No one knows, this product isn't even finished in R&D yet it seems, let alone any production running.

    2)RLC/SC traps will not be accurate if you don't have the correct database

    3) It likely won't be a feature on this model. It is essentially only sweeping certain segments of the Ka band.

    4) The ZR4's are GREAT laser receivers, so you can put them on for just that purpose (thats what many do), plus if a LI issue arises you already have the ZR4 as back-up and on a small-black aero-dynamic car, your likely to get by with ticket-saving performance should the LI need repairs.



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