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    Default Escort Redline at SEMA

    [ame=]YouTube - Escort Redline Radar Detector[/ame]


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    Default Re: Escort Redline at SEMA

    Looks like advertsing to me.

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    Default Re: Escort Redline at SEMA

    Well from after watching the video, this person is mis-informed and or giving mis-information as far as telling everyone that the redline "emits" nothing, because it 100% does. I did a test at a request from nine_c1 over at the Escort forum between the Redline and V1. They both emitted. The V1 set off ka band on the Redline, and the Redline set off x and k band on the v1. The Redline still emits radiation, it is just at a different frequency then most detectors. Here is my post about this on the Escort forum---> [ame=]Escort Radar Forum - View Single Post - Redline versus V1[/ame] Also this person quoting that it is because of the magnesium case is B.S. also. There are lots of products that utilize this material, and still emit. V1 has this type of material and emits.
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    i sorta understood what they were talking about but the guy on the right sounds/looks like a d-bag

    btw v1



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