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    Default Does Escort C65 =Beltronics RX65?

    if so, it looks like a deal on amazon.

    here is the info i'm referring to:

    *** Dealer Link Removed ***


    Escort C65 is same as Beltronics RX65,but RX65 sell for $339 in Amazon,compare to $199 for C65..

    price $199
    The best RD under $200 period
    multiple display option(tech,threat display,standard)
    Autoscan mode
    Same Ka sensitivy as X50,RX65,but much cheaper

    Cheap Plastic Housing/casing
    Terrible Mount/suction cup
    Terrible Rampup
    VOICE alert is not loud enough(alert tone volume is okay)

    for $199 C65 is Best Radar For the Buck ..
    Better then all Bel Vector series RDs,Whistler SE RDs......
    But if you have $$$$,I would recommend Escort 9500ci,9500ix,9500i,Valentine 1,Redline,Sti-Driver,Sti-R..

    my current setup is V1+STi-R


    thanks for any input
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    Default Re: Does Escort C65 =Beltronics RX65?

    I bought it as a back up detector for my 9500ix. Just received it today. It has a female voice for alerts instead of the male voice that Bel uses which I find much more pleasant. All the features are the same as an RX65. Same performance as RX65. Black finish instead of silver. It showed 6.5 for the version when I did a reset. Can't beat it for the price in my opinion.

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    Default Re: Does Escort C65 =Beltronics RX65?

    Interesting I thought the RX65 was the same as the 9500i.

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    Default Re: Does Escort C65 =Beltronics RX65?

    Bel GX-65 = Escort 9500ix without autolock

    Bel RX-65 = Escort C-65 with USA mode added

    ...with the normal Bel/Escort differences, threat mode/expert mode, different sounding alerts, etc.

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    Default Re: Does Escort C65 =Beltronics RX65?

    thanks a lot, you guys rock.



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