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    Default need tips on Passport 9500ci install

    Just picked up a new Porsche 997.

    I have not used radar in a while.

    I have gotten stopped at least 5 times in the last 8 years (usually for 8-12 miles over the limit, but have always managed to be let go with a warning.

    997 makes me a real target.

    Getting ready to install an Escort 9500ci I just bought.


    The main help I need are tips with respect to:

    - routing wires to the interior (fol/ow the factory harness?)
    - removing interior trim pieces on this car (any links or DIY guides)?

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    Default Re: need tips on Passport 9500ci install

    It's a PITA.

    Specially the rear laser Shifter.

    But, when it's done, it's worth it.

    I ran my Front three along driverside Fender, under headlight, and came in throuh Factory Hole/Plug by Door Harness.
    That helped a lot.

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    Default Re: need tips on Passport 9500ci install


    What route did you take for the rear license plate mounted laser unit to get into the cabin?



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