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    Default What is the main difference between different software versions (i.e. 6.5, 6.4, etc)?

    Just trying to figure out what Escort has done with regards to the different software versions of the Escort 8500x50 (i.e. version 6.1 to the current 6.5). I do realize that the changes pertain to the software variations, but I was curious with regards to what these changes have really done for us end users of the products. Most folks have stated and/or observed that the Escorts are still lousy on picking up short bursts of radar. So that leaves us with one question. What has really been "upgraded" on these detectors. I am not trying to bash the Escort line of products per se, but Escort does need to "get with it" and make the response times on Escorts just as good as the Valentine One. I don't understand why they would not want to do this. If anything, the aforementioned software change would only stand to increase the sales of Escort products. What company in their right mind would NOT want to increase their profits and keep their shareholders happy? Just saying. To Escort Rep: Please read and heed this AND pass these concerns to your engineering department. This change to the Escort product lines only stands to make a strong company even stonger. Thanks!

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    Default Re: What is the main difference between different software versions (i.e. 6.5, 6.4, e

    I would love to have Escort come out with something that can beat the V1 in sensitivity, if only because it makes for healthy competition. A GPS enable radar that performs like a V1? *drool*. Sadly, they keep disappointing us.

    Software revisions tend to be trade secrets, so I doubt they'll be publishing any changelogs any time soon.



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