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    Default Please Bring Me Up To Speed on 9500ix?

    Hi, I have been searching but it's really scattered and maybe this thread will group some answers for future searchers. I'll try and ask so one word "Yes or No"
    answers can be made.

    Is the latest detector tools as of 12/8/09 version v1.5?

    In Detector Tools does choosing the "Software" button under the Main tab update the Firmware?

    Can I look to see what firmware I am running on the 9500ix display?

    If so what is the latest version?

    What did it change?

    Updating a weekly location database will add any skipped weeks in between?

    Correct me if I'm wrong anywhere here.
    The User Preferences tab tossed me a curve in making changes and returning to look it would be back to the defaults. But after selecting the "Review" I would see my setup. They should change this to show the current first.
    Anyhow..... the only way I seem to be comfortable if my preferences were set is to look at the detector. Clear me up on this one?

    How about a map viewer. I remember a beta viewer?


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    Default Re: Please Bring Me Up To Speed on 9500ix?

    Quote Originally Posted by therock View Post
    Updating a weekly location database will add any skipped weeks in between?

    And about 9500ix Software Update v1.1
    1. Improved the marked location feature when other radar signals are present.
    2. K-band and SWS are not independent selectable bands.
    3. Removed 255 KPH limitation.



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