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    Default Escort Redline was busy today

    In a normally quiet drive in the county with a couple of K-band false alerts here and there... My Redline got a good work out today and wouldn't stop alerting 34.7 Ka-band for 8 miles! The local cops were out in force today for some reason and there was constant-on Ka-band everywhere! One cop already had his customer pulled over with his radar left on, and one mile later another cop is operating a moving constant-on 34.7 Ka band. Then two miles later is a cop hiding in a parking lot who is blasting instant-on 34.7 Ka-band as cars go by.

    I am impressed with the Redline's performance and it did a excellent job in Auto Mode. It held on to the passed alerts just as long as if it had a rear antenna.

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    Default Re: Escort Redline was busy today

    I just got my Redline last night and wow what a jump up from the X50.
    So now I'm Geeeking out on older posts about Redline and there are all these reports of dropped Ka or missed ka all together.
    Folks are saying that these are bugs in software and alike.
    Seems that yours is working great and I hope mine will too. Have you heard any of these issues?

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    Default Re: Escort Redline was busy today

    you will never know about these issues until you test or you get pulled over and your detector never said a peep.

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    Default Re: Escort Redline was busy today

    Yeah, at least out West (Utah, Nevada, California) most of the LEOs (like 80%) use C/O, which makes it very easy with a Redline. You can expect to get 2 and 3 mile detects in open territory, and 1 milers with some obstacles.

    As the holiday break comes closer - there will be a lot more enforcement. Just an excuse to cash in on Christmas shoppers.

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    Default Re: Escort Redline was busy today

    I just returned the 9500ix for the new Redline. So far I have only tried it for 80 miles. I am waiting to detect some law enforcement.




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