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Thread: My Qi45

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    Default My Qi45

    Installed the Qi45 today and did a couple quick tests comparing to my STi-D that is mounted high....I had a driver start about 1/2 mile away around a corner. Once he started approaching the corner I started C/O with the Bushnell. About 1/8 mile away from the corner the Qi45 and the STi-D started alerting right about the same time. Once he cleared the corner the STi-D and the Qi45 went to full alert from 1/2 mile away. The STi-D alerted 24.128 and the Qi45 alerted 24.120. Just a quick test but tomorrow will be doing some longer runs including ambush around corners,Instant ON, and Forward Facing.
    So far with a few exceptions the Qi45 alerts K band just as well as my STi-D which is mounted high near RVM. I will also include some pictures.
    I will most likely once testing is done run the STi-D on Ka only and the Qi45 on K band.

    I will have video.

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    Default Re: My Qi45

    Cool, can't wait to see the rest of the results.



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