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    Default Redline in the Redwoods

    While most of my driving is in open desert, the past few weeks I've been hanging out (at home) in the Santa Cruz Mountains. There's not a lot of radar going on here, however CHP does rolling radar on these roads. What I've found after 3 or 4 encounters with CHP Ka C/O with the Redline on the "winding Redwoods" roadways here is still a decent 1/8th mile, round the corner alert. The thick moisture laden woods here with 60 to 75 foot tall Redwoods eats the radar - no reflection of bounce. Pretty much if you were to take a rifle and shoot randomly into the woods - the bullet would not travel very far as it would likely encounter a 3 to 4 foot diameter Redwood which stores a huge volume of water (which is why they also don't burn in forest fires and are able to survive for 2,000 years).

    It's interesting that Redline still issues a nice alert in the forest - likely getting a bounce off the railing.

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    Default Re: Redline in the Redwoods

    I had a pretty good 34.7 alert this morning, sitting at a stoplight I got a very strong alert that went away. There were a lot of trees ahead and as I took off I got another strong signal that came and went. As I cleared the tree area, went around a slight curve out into an open area of the road, I noticed the LEO sitting on the side of the road and got another strong alert that came and went. The terrain had a fair amount of trees, slight curve, and hilly (I was higher than the LEO coming downhill). The distance from first alert to visual was right at a half mile. My settings were Auto filtering, no POP, no SWS, no TSR.

    Based on my experience with other RDs, I think my V1 would have done something similar. My Pro78 has not been so sensitive on 34.7 and I think if I was driving with it this morning, I would have received an alert when the LEO became visible.

    I have only had a Redline for 3 days and this was my first actual alert. I think it did pretty well.



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