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    Default Your driving habits

    I have in my car:
    m27 + wireless

    The Redline and 9500ix are on upper right side next to each other. The Redline tends to be off majority of time, except when I feel the "need for speed" (which tends to be on the highway) at which point I turn off 9500ix.

    If going fast in the city (the 9500ix is active) as I've locked out most of the redlights/dooropeners.

    Here's my question, my city has lots of hills and I question my 9500ix in detecting a copper on the other side of the hill. While the Redline, is probably able to detect it , but haven't ran both at same time to prove this. I'd love to run the two together when going fast in the city, but don't want to damage the Redline's sensetivity. Do you run multiple RD's? If i do run both at the same time can the potential damage be repaired in the future via tuning up yearly (or unrepairable)? Or am I not giving the 9500ix its credit to detect coppers in the City, since in the city you really dont need 10sec warning (Redline) instead of 5sec (9500ix)?
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    Default Re: Your driving habits

    Running two detectors together won't damage them, but you'll run the risk of them interfering with each other and losing sensitivity. It's not recommended.

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    Default Re: Your driving habits

    I run two RDs but one of them is a remote RD and the other is a windshield mounted RD. Use the IX in the city unless you can tolerate the false alerts. Where are you located?



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