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    Default Built-in Cobra Detector...

    I have decided that my X50 has built-in Cobra detection...

    Its called POP!!!

    Whenever I get 3 or more POP falses right in a row, I look around and sure enough there is some dumba$$ with a Cobra RD in their window - usually pointed 45* up

    Just another feature that is not in the manual :roll:

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    Yep, 3 in a row means Cobra alright. That feature is embedded in the RX65 as well :wink:

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    What sucks too is my local Best Buy used to carry Cobras, Whistlers and Escorts.... Now they just carry Cobras (like 5 models) and Escorts. I don't know why they stopped carrying Whistlers, but I wish they would have kept that product line instead of Cobra. That just means there will be more people in my area with them. :cry:

    My local Radio Shacks carry RS, Whistlers and 1 Cobra. My Circuit City carries mostly Bel (like 4-5 models) and 1 Cobra model. My local WalMart carries just Whistler I think.



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