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    Default Best mode to keep 8500 on?

    Searched around, im sure this has been discussed but can't find where. I was reading the manual front to back on the refurb 8500 and was wondering the best mode to set it on. I have heard not to set it on auto, which may or may not be correct. I assume highway is the most sensitive setting, but it does not say in the manual. And city mode has City, CityLox, and CityNoX, with decreasing sensitivities to x band. Would it just be better to set to highway, with x band manually turned off? Also, does having the scanning dots affect performance at all? (delay response time?) or is it just preference?


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    Default Re: Best mode to keep 8500 on?

    Scanning dots are cool to have on and they can inform you if your RD is experiencing problems/locking up. If you have X turned off completely in band selection, none of the City modes or Highway or Auto will make a difference.

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    alright, that works. I used the scanning dots on h, and got multiple ka, k, and, x so i thinks its working alright



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