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    Default new 8500 x50 owner...I need some tips please

    I just go the 8500 X50 and would like some ideas on best settings etc.
    I live in Utah.
    So far I only tested it yesterday and the most alerts I get are K 24.193 or similar.
    They seem to be related to stores but from what I have read, doors and the likes are supposed to be X band so maybe it is something else that it is reading.
    Any help concerning the radar and where to learn more about it to get the most out of it is appreciated.

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    Default Re: new 8500 x50 owner...I need some tips please

    Enjoy your new X50.

    K band is a very common false alert around malls, stores, etc. and X band alerts will all most likely be false alarms (depending on where you drive). It's a fact of life, so you may as well get used to it. Other Escort units (9500 series) give you the opportunity to block out these false alarms. But not the X50. You can block out a frequency on the X50, but unless you know for sure that you will never encounter that frequency in a future radar encounter, don't do it.

    As for settings, the best setting will depend on your preferences. I've had my X50 for six years, and I still change the settings from time to time just for the sake of change. But I tend to keep it in Expert mode, using the highway setting for maximum sensitivity at all times. I leave POP and X band off, unless travelling in new areas, and then I don't leave anything to chance- all bands are on! Expert mode helps keep track of multiple alerts and their relative strength.

    Have fun experimenting!

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    Default Re: new 8500 x50 owner...I need some tips please

    Where I live, X and K band false alerts are about "Even Steven".



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