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    Default 9500i GPS just blinks now??? HELP!!

    I just purchased a used 9500i. It seemed to work ok. All functions seemed to be operational. Today, I registered the unit on the Escortradar website and downloaded the Detector Tools software. When I powered my detector and connected it to my laptop, the program connected to the 9500i. A moment later, the program stated it couldn' connect to the detector. The display still read USB, and no buttons worked. I waited a few minutes, but nothing. The only thing that worked, was to disconnect the power. The 9500i powered/cycled normally, but the GPS indicator just blinks. Before, it always acquired a signal within a few seconds. Each time I try to connect to the 9500i with the Detector Tools program, it just gets stuck on USB, and locks up. I tried a factory default reset, which did "reset" everything, but the GPS wont lock onto a signal. Any suggestions???

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    Default Re: 9500i GPS just blinks now??? HELP!!

    Go to and ask over there. That's the official Escort web forum and you'll get the best answer to your problem there.

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    Default Re: 9500i GPS just blinks now??? HELP!!

    You held down the MRK and BRT buttons while plugging in the power to your 9500i, and continued to hold them down until the unit shows USB on the display?

    The 9500i MUST be in "USB mode" to read valid data!.

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    Default Re: 9500i GPS just blinks now??? HELP!!

    somtimes my 9500ix takes a long time to connect to gps sometimes it connect right away. i assume its the same

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    Default Re: 9500i GPS just blinks now??? HELP!!

    You have to give it a "Clear View of the Sky" and be patient. It could take a good amount of time for the GPS to find where it is in the world.

    My GPS will connect 3 levels down in the house but that is when it is not cloudy.

    Reconnect to Detector tools and then shut down the program. After that turn off the RD and then turn it back on. If you have a clear view of the sky then walk away from it for a while. When you get back after a half hour it should have connected.

    1/2 hour is a long time so it should be connected by then



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