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    Default Worth upgrading Escort 8500

    Good Morning,
    I known that escort now as the escort 8500 x50. I have the escort 8500. When I bought the escort 8500, it was "updatable". Can anyone recommend if I upgrade the escort 8500 will it have the same detection features of the Escort 8500 X 50 or should I get the Escort 8500 X 50?

    If you recommend to buy the escort 8500 x 50, should I buy the valentine one instead?
    Thanks in advance :?

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    i say keep the 8500 the way it is. it still has great range and actually out performed the x50 on a Ka band test that the GOL did. ill post the link when i find it. the 8500 is still a great detector.

    here it is, scroll to the bottom

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    I'd hold on to the 8500.

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    I would definitely hold on to it. I am doing a test in about 10 days comparing the original 8500 and the x50. Also a little word on the upgradeability (sp). From what i have heard they used to offer an upgrade but the price of it is so high you might as well buy the x50. I know that they used to offer some what of a 2 year upgrade period for free but i'm not sure if they still do that or not. Hope this helps.

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    I find that the x50 REV 5 has more range that is my OPION tho. cause the old 8500 i tested did not beat the x50 in picking up the talon KA gun.




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