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    Default weak Ka on my 8500 x50?

    yesterday i was driving and all of a sudden got a weak Ka signal, like REALLY WEAK only one bar on the stength meter, and noticed there was a cop parked to the right of me as i was passing by him but i did not pick up the signal until i was relatively close to him, way too close for comfort... i drove a while, turned around, and drove by him again and like the first time did not pick up a signal except for a very weak, one bar Ka signal when i was praticaly next to him. Why was it so weak and why wasnt my detector picking this up until i was so close? thanks for any insight!

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    Default Re: weak Ka on my 8500 x50?

    He may have a handheld radar gun left on that he placed on the passenger seat while doing something else.

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    Default Re: weak Ka on my 8500 x50?

    Didn't happen to be a CA CHP car did it? It happens quite a bit to me as well.

    Something about their internal radar (not hand-held) using a weak Ka to get their vehicle's speed and subtracting that from the main one they fire. Seems to make sense and one cop writes about it in his "Speeders" book. Try hanging around next to a busy CHP station long enough and you'll see a bunch of weak signals leaking from their cars. Old units, improperly setup ones, new designs, different operation, who knows? - but some leak Ka around here in CA.

    Maybe the reverse of the "radar finder" units with regards to leakage? Like all the truckers on I-5 that use some pos leaky detector that leaks x-band everywhere.


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    Default Re: weak Ka on my 8500 x50?

    Or OR maybe it was just facing the opposite direction? most probably his intention wasnt to use it on you.... thats why there are rabbits to get focus away from you



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