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    Default Surveying equipment and laser

    Hi fellow members. I have a question and hope anyone here can answer me. I was driving along a major road when my 9500ix laser alert went off. My blinder M27 did not coz they were not installed properly when this happened. I looked around and saw no cops from all angles then about 500ft or less from where my car is, there were surveyors with a tripod and their surveying equipment (I'm not sure which kind but could be theolodite or a total station-after googling how they look) pointing towards my direction surveying the land. Could their equipment trigger laser alerts??

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    Default Re: Surveying equipment and laser

    One Laser gun company out there also does range findrs for surveying Laser Atlanta, laser radar, rangefinders, speed detectors, LIDAR, GPS, GIS, survey equipment

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    Default Re: Surveying equipment and laser

    Were you driving in very bright sunlight? My ix has falsed on laser once on a very, very bright fall afternoon. I'm sure it was a false because I was out in the country and there was nothing around me. Another possible false was at night. I say possible because I was 17 over the PSL and the only vehicle for 1/4 mile in either direction, so the LEO could have had me easy as pie if he wanted me.
    And, I've had a bunch of laser falses near major airports, so laser survey equipment could definitely set it off!

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    Default Re: Surveying equipment and laser

    Most laser guns are based off of surveying equipment.

    The PL3 is almost identical to the Contuor range finder. LTI also makes range finding equipment that looks almost identical to their lidar speed guns.
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