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Thread: 8500 x50 Issues

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    Default 8500 x50 Issues

    I own an Escort 8500 x50, which I sent back to Escort for repair due to continuous falsing, which is now fixed

    Anyway, the X and K are incredible; I can spot a car far further than I can see.

    However, Ka seems to give a much shorter alert than K band

    K band, I get about two blips for an Drive-Thru sensor, but a real police car slowly pegs the unit at full from a very nice distance. i.e. Out of sight!!!

    Unfortunately, my biggest threat by far is Ka, and it is kind of lacking.

    Sometimes I have police cars that approach right on me then bam full meter reading (they probably had their radar off though).

    Other times, it is clear a police car is parked on the side of the road running what appears to be constant on, yet my display never fully maxes out as if they are running weak radar. Is there such a thing?

    Then, sometimes I am driving and get one, small Ka blip, which causes me to immediately slowdown knowing they are almost never false and generally max-out in all of two seconds, but then it goes away. Any ideas?

    My LEOs do not use LASER much at all. I have had 1 hit in 3 months from laser used in a moving vehicle. I thought, what the heck when I could not find the speed trap, but then a police car passed me and one of the two officers was holding a LIDAR gun. I could even see the two lenses. With Ka, however, I get about 1 to 2 hits every 10 miles! K I get hit about once every 30 miles. That said, I am concerned about Ka range.

    Is my unit acting normal? Is Ka hard to detect at a range? Are my LEOs sneaky running Instant-On? Very rarely do I ever get a POP alert, but when I do it is almost always a false alarm. Any ideas?
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    Default Re: 8500 x50 Issues

    Ka is harder to detect than X/K. Run your detector in spec mode and report to us what frequencies are showing up when you get Ka alerts. Also turn of POP; its useless, seldom (more like never) used and causes unnecessary false alerts.

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    Default Re: 8500 x50 Issues

    First off, do as dpatel suggested.
    IMO, here is how the three radar bands break down range wise:
    X band is the easiest to detect from farthest away,
    K band
    KA band
    laser (forget about it)
    The reason you only get a signal strength of two, at a drive thru or in front of a door opener, is because these sensors are aimed more at the ground. Police radar is aimed more directly at you.
    If you see an officer approaching, your rd is quiet and suddenly blamo, full alert, you have been instant owned.
    When approaching a parked officer running C/O radar and your signal strength only goes half or 3/4 strength, then most likely the officer is using forward facing or he has his antenna aimed off axis to your approach.
    With any rd a single blip of Ka can be a dire warning to check your speed. As you have seen, this situation (single blip) is followed by full on ownage. The full strength alert only lasts a few seconds because the leo has already captured your speed and is after the next lemming.
    It appears that your unit is acting normal.
    Detection range depends on alot of environmental conditions. (Hills, trees, traffic, weather and leo tactics)
    The officers aren't sneaky, they are skilled.
    PoP is POOP.



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