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    Default False rear laser shift

    Have a 9500 ci everything working well. Then the last week to ten days I get a constant false rear laser activation. Its driving me crazy. I drive its constantly going off. I now turn my detector off. Any ideas.

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    Default Re: False rear laser shift

    I think more details about your alerts would be helpful. Does it always alarm after starting up? Time of day since the sun can trigger false alerts. Also, if someone is behind you with active cruise control, it will alert. If none of those apply, I would recheck the installation looking for a faulty or intermittent ground.

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    Default Re: False rear laser shift

    This is the primary symptom of a rear shifter having water in it. Get a flashlight and shine it into the rear shifter lens and see if you can spot moisture in the shfiter.

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    Default Re: False rear laser shift

    Thanks fella I'll check both options.

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    Default Re: False rear laser shift

    Disconnect the rear shifter and send it in for repair. Your 9500ci will work fine without it. In fact, the rear shifter will almost never save you from police laser, so it's pretty much a speeding citation notification device anyhow.



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