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    Just got this in escort forum Interesting review check it out - 9500ix radar detector: Escort arms its high-end road warrior to the hilt

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    In an era when most electronic products are assembled in China, Escort bucks the trend by manufacturing the 9500ix at its dedicated facility in Mississauga, Ont.

    Built in a country where rd's are illegal.
    Kind of funny.

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    "...the Escort 9500ix seems to own the top spot in radar/laser detectors for now. You can spend a lot less, but reviews of the unit suggest you would get a lot less as well.

    Even the finest kit won't save the lone traveler surprised by instant-on systems; by the time you get an alert, it's often just too late."

    The Escort 9500ix is not in the top spot as everyone here already knows. The V1 will let you know about quick trigger and quick instant-on if a cop is shooting the vehicle ahead of you, while most Belscorts will probably not even alert.

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    The 9500ix is a brilliant radar detector. It may not have the raw range of some others, but it's brilliant nonetheless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Obsidian View Post
    The 9500ix is a brilliant radar detector. It may not have the raw range of some others, but it's brilliant nonetheless.
    it has its' place

    the term bells-n-whistles is certainly appropriate



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