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    Default Beanbag Dash Mount

    Escort Bag Mount:
    I used a beanbag mount on a GPS car rental and I was shocked as to how well it held in place around corners. Anyway, does anyone know the height of the dang thing? I need it to clear the center rear seat headrest when the 'Red Line' is somehow stuck to it. I suppose I could remove the headrest, but even then it may be too short. Frankly I’m surprised the specs aren’t listed on the Escort website. Who knows, maybe this has already been covered but I sure can't seem to find it.

    BTW: I sure hope there's a better way to mount the RD other than double-back tape! That would be soOoo very counter-productive in my view. I suppose I could hack a SuperCup slot bracket to allow for quick on/off mounting, but still...
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