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    Default Tones on the new Escort 8500x50?

    Hey guys, so I bought a new Escort 8500x50 about six months ago and had a question concerning the alert tones on the 8500x50. Specifically, I was watching a fairly recent video on YouTube about the Guys of Lidar testing of an 8500x50 "blue" model. Perhaps their x50 was an earlier model, but the tones on their detector and my detector are TOTALLY different. The tones on my version 6.5 x50 are distinct in that KA sounds like an alarm going off and sounds identical to the tones on my ancient Escort 4600. So, when did they change the tones on this detector? In the guys of lidar test, they were testing the x50 against K band and even the K band alert sounded totally different than on my detector. One more thing, if any of you guys out there have the newest M4 X50 it would be nice if you could put up some quick trigger testing videos on the version 6.5 if you could. I would do my own testing, but I can't afford a 3K or 4K stalker sport KA gun at the moment.

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    Default Re: Tones on the new Escort 8500x50?

    They may have changed it to LOUD. There are two tone settings on the X50. Get into the menu and you will see them.

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    Default Re: Tones on the new Escort 8500x50?

    Might it have been an original 8500 you saw in the video?



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