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    Default what's wrong with my 9500ci?

    My 9500ci often said "Check Receiver Wiring", after about 5 minutes,
    the message disappeared, everything is ok. then sometime again.

    the store sold the 9500ci checked 3 times, cannot find anything.

    What's wrong? a problem in the front receiver? need I change the


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    Default Re: what's wrong with my 9500ci?

    Just checked the Escort Radar forums and a person a few weeks ago had a similar problem. He said he did a new update on it and the message went away. If you don't think there is anything wrong with the wire, try the update.

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    Default Re: what's wrong with my 9500ci?

    Sounds like an intermittent problem which is probably a bad connection.

    Check the connection between the radar receiver cable and the harness (that plugs into the interface). The conductors inside cannot make good contact if the connector has been tie wrapped and they are "bowing" or bending it. The connector should be straight and not bowed.



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