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    Default 9500i Highway Range

    Hey all I need to find out if my 9500i is broken.

    Ok so my question is this

    I am traveling about 75 to 80 and the leo is traveling around the same speed or little less coming towards me

    I get about a 5 second warning

    is that good range at those speeds?

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    Default Re: 9500i Highway Range

    On straight, flat terrain with no obstructions = NO that isn't good range (if you are sure the officer is using constant-on).

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    Default Re: 9500i Highway Range

    here is the map to th e highway I drive

    oklahoma city - Google Maps

    zoom in to I 44

    so you can see it is not so flat or straight

    sorry don't know how to add a map without URL

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    Default Re: 9500i Highway Range

    I think it was I/O

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    Default Re: 9500i Highway Range

    God I hope so

    OKCPD and OHP are getting smart about IO

    they don't just hit anyone they search and destroy

    Dangerous game I love playing

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    Default Re: 9500i Highway Range

    It could have easily been IO.

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    Default Re: 9500i Highway Range

    so what would the constant On range be with that highway?



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