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    ok my friends sellin me a 8500 for 150, i dont kno if i should trust it since its no tthe new x50 model and it doesnt have all the features and detect all the same stuff, and i live in florida, palm beach county, so i dont know if i need any updates and does the 8500 have pop mode i dont know if i need it here but i use to have a 895 and i got pop a few times

    and i dont kno if u can update the 8500

    he said he bought it like 5 months ago

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    I believe that they do use POP in Florida, and the regular 8500 does not detect it. The X50, RX65 and V-1 all detect POP.

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    so then i shouldnt get this?

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    Since POP is used where you live, no :wink:

    And since you will need to have POP enabled, I recommend the RX65 instead of the X50. The X50 falses too much on POP.

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    damn it i was gonna get a v1 or something but i lost 500 dollars
    so now all i got is like 150 and thats wut he sellin it to me for but i quess i shouldnt get it and i dont even no wut pop is

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