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    Exclamation Help needed...constant laser warnings..

    I have an Escort X50 (Passport 8500). Lately, I have been getting constant "laser" warnings it seems whenever I accelerate suddenly and one time it went off when I honked my horn. Other times driving at a steady speed (60-80kmh) and it will also go off without warning. This is driving me nuts.
    Is there a setting I can try to eliminate these false warnings? Any help would be appreciated...the detector is about 2 years old.

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    Default Re: Help needed...constant laser warnings..

    Your detector needs servicing. This is a common occurrence in older 8500s and X50s when an internal component fails. Call Escort and they'll fix you up for you.

    You could turn Laser off in the programming, which would eliminate the alerts. But that doesn't address the underlying issue which could cause other problems with the unit (for detecting radar) down the road.
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    Default Re: Help needed...constant laser warnings..

    I have been getting these a bit lately as well. Out in the middle of nowhere, twisty mountain road, I know there's no laser.
    I was going to turn laser off, but I think I'll give Escort a call tomorrow.

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    Yep, best to make sure you get your RD checked out w/a full diagnostic that way you have that piece of mind your equip is working the way is supposed to.
    I had the same problem w/my V1, it would false like crazy on laser, I turned it in, got a upgrade and the problem was fixed and my upgraded V1 works like a champ.
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