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    Default Hard wired smart cord

    I bought a 2009 Ford Fusion so I ordered a hard wired smart cord for the new car.
    I get the e mail from Escort saying they shipped out my COILED smart cord. Not what I ordered.

    So I call Escort and explain what they did, they corrected it and sent out the hard wired smart cord. I offered to send back the coiled smart cord and they said keep it as a gift since they sent the wrong one. Cool thank you Escort.

    The cord came today and the power led is blue, I like it much better than the green power led on my other smart cord.

    It only took 20 min to install the cord in the Fusion a little faster than it did to install the other one in the Cobra.

    Now 2 of my 3 cars have the hard wired smart cord, much easier to change cars with the 9500 IX.

    Thank you again Escort for correcting the mistake and sending the right cord so fast.

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    Default Re: Hard wired smart cord

    DId you have any trouble with accessing the fuse panel on the Fusion. I am looking to do the same thing but that panel is so far up making it hard to get to.

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    Default Re: Hard wired smart cord

    Not at all.
    Very easy to get to on the drivers side.
    I have an 09 Fusion.



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